Export 100 Sea Turtle SVG files with One Click


We have an EPS file with over 100 sea turtle vectors images on it. How we can separate these images into a single SVG file

Manually by hand, one by one

–         Open the EPS file with adobe AI, copy a single sea turtle image, and from the file menu, select a new file

–         Paste the image just copied on a new file

–         Choose to save as or export

–         Select SVG format, adjust your desired parameter

–         Select an appropriate folder

–         Click Save or export

Remember, you need to repeat the above steps 100 times to finish the task; it may cost you a couple of hours to finish the job, maybe you need to skip your meals to finish the task, very time consuming, right.

Do we have a simple method? I did a lot of search from many web sites and found a method at ADOBE forums.

Adobe AI 2019 have a function is called export screen, and it can export all your images in a single file to individual files with one click.

First, we need to install ADOBE AI 2019, and then we open the EPS file contain 100 sea turtle images.

Before we do export, we need to ensure your images are individually grouped, with no separated line or object.

Then we select EXPORT FOR SCREEN from the file menu, a new window appeared, drop all images to this windows; you can see 100 individual sea turtle images, select SVG format at the drop-down menu.

Enter your folder path, click export, you can see a bar comes out and showing the progress; after the bar dismissed, you can check the folder. In a sub-folder call SVG, you can find 100 individual Sea Turtle SVG files.

It is a new function that comes with Adobe AI 2019, no need to write ant scripts, very good function, and save you many, many working hours.

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