Stand cowl OPPO A9 and A5 Case – 2020 Best get

This Forester Folio stand Oppo case for A9 and A5 by Oppo is created with foreign and finest ployurethan (PU) animal skin, a polycarbonate (PC) material and Nappa material for that pearly shine lustre, this distinctive material is snug in hand. The inner material used is swish, protective your phone from scratch. Its ports and buttons area unit cut exactly for your convenience. It comes with cardholder additionally, thus you’ll bring with you your credit card/ID or cash. you’ll fancy viewing the video during a landscape mode at your convenience. The package comes with 2 gifts, a ‘forester’ Sports gliding joint band (random colour) and a ‘forester’ improvement fabric. It comes with completely different colors additionally.

His Super Matte protect cowl case for the OPPO A9 by IVSO could be a high-quality case fabricated from finest, sturdy and eco-friendly polycarbonate (PC) material. it’s created victimisation the innovative matte ultraviolet (UV) injection method for a lighter texture. it’s conjointly designed to stop your smartphone from sharp impact, dust, scratches. The matte body texture has associate degree anti-slip feature that forestalls your smartphone from slippy through a flat surface or from your hands. The case options a play-through style that permits total access to any or all of the device generation management buttons. All ports and buttons area unit exactly cut for your convenience.

YeBu Ultra-thin OPPO A9 Case cowl
This Ultra-Thin Case cowl by Yebu is specifically designed for the OPPO A9. it’s created with versatile, high-quality polycarbonate (PC) material to resist scratches, dents and scuffs. It options a matte texture on the external to stop your smartphone from slippy on flat surfaces or slippery through your hands. quick access to any or all buttons, controls and ports while not having to get rid of the case. The package comes with a sturdy screen preserver to confirm the screen is well protected. The case comes with a range of colors to decide on from. This case is fragile that it compliments the phone as if the case is a component of it. Slim style, nonetheless sturdy.

Oppo Case

Kroo Universal androgynous Bi-fold OPPO A9 pocketbook case
The androgynous Bi-fold pocketbook case for the OPPO A9 contains a twin purpose. The case acts sort of a pocketbook that you just will carry your belongings in one secure location. There area unit four card / ID slots at the side of a pocket to suit cash, receipts or checks. One aspect of the pocketbook is created to suit a mobile or associate degree mp3 player, and also the phone compartment is universal. The case is created of high-quality ployurethan (PU) animal skin exterior material, and also the interior is created of soppy suede-like material for added protection. it’ll not scratch the end of your phone. The pocketbook options alittle, touchscreen plastic on the front. this enables you to ascertain time or data placed on the highest of your device. This universal bi-fold pocketbook is created with a magnetic closure to stay your belongings secure.

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